Buying low-quality lubricants can be a false economy. Lubricant costs can be as little as 2% of the total maintenance costs. We focus on providing performance products that can help to reduce maintenance requirements and energy use, and services that are designed to improve maintenance and business practices, and thus lower your overall costs.


Reliability can be improved by using high quality oils that offer enhanced protection for longer along with our lubricant analysis service, which is designed to reduce costs and add value by:
identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical
extending lubricant life, thus reducing change-out frequency, maintenance downtime and procurement costs
Reducing risks and contributing to safe and reliable operations.

Our lubricants supply ranges but not limited to: –

    Hydraulic Oils
    Engine Oils
    Compressor Oils
    Turbine Oils

    Industrial Oils
    Pumps Oils
    Slide way Oils
    Transformer Oils
    Chainsaw Oils
    Heat Transfer Oils
    Rock Drill Oils
    Mining Lubricants
    Cutting Oils